Must Have Apps for Visiting San Francisco

Jun 16, 2011

San Fran is one of my favorite places to visit but it only became so once I got familiar with the area and got the feel for what Frisco has to offer. These Apps should give new visitors a good feel for both the area and the culture

NFT San Francisco City Guide

Not only does this App contain thousands of listings, information on places to eat and tons of local entertainment, but also a detailed map of all of San Fran so you’re not having to open a huge map whenever you want to see where you are and where you’re going.


Pocket MUNI

This Amazing App will help you get around Frisco via Buses better than any type of Bus guide. You have access to the location of any actual particular bus you’re trying to get on, as well as bus routes, locations route times and more, that make navigating around San Fran a cinch.


San Francisco’s Chinatown

Going to Chinatown in San Fran is a completely different experience than visiting any other Chinatown. I found myself thinking about how crazy it is that that’s where America’s Asian population really blew up first. There are so many cool places to visit there and this App will help you navigate and find stores and restaurants you’ll enjoy


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