Must Have Apps for Sudoku Enthusiasts

May 11, 2011

I used to be really into Sudoku right when it really blew up in the US, but I got tired of picking my brain for an answer that could either solve the puzzle or screw it up an I’d never know until I was close to the end. I downloaded these Apps with hopes of starting to play again and it’s going excellently

Sudoku Free!

This Game has amazing graphics, a super easy interface to use and a classic appearance that makes it one of my favorite Apps to play Sudoku on


Sudoku 3D

This awesome version of Sudoku gives it a futuristic tint as u try to solve 6 different puzzles that are all part of the same cube which must be adjusted to view all the many sides



This newer version if sudoku makes competing online way more enjoyable and easier to do


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