Must Have Apps for Pokemon Enthusiasts

May 12, 2011

Aside from candy, Pokemon was the first thing I got hooked on as a little kid. There’s something about how cool the creatures are and how everyone around me was either playing their gameboy or battling with cards. It’s become a huge trend that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon so if you’re into it, you’ll find these Apps awesome

Pokemon Types

This App will aid you when you’re stumped on which type of Pokemon you should use to combat your opponent’s Pokemon


Cheats for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Guide – FREE

All the other guide books are anywhere up to around $5, which seems ridiculous, unless you’re freaking out about not being able to complete part of the game, in which case I can see why they’d charge so much. Either way, this one is free.


Pokemon EV Trainer

This cool App allows you to EV train up to 6 Pokemon at once, which saves you tons of time when playing the story.


Pokemon Black and White App

This App is the most detailed Guide for Black & White version that I’ve found and it’s free too, which is pretty amazing.


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