Must Have Apps for Party-Goers

Mar 25, 2011

This list has some awesome apps that all of my fellow party people should find most excellent and useful.

Party Hour™

This cool app allows the party to go on filled with music, DJ-free! It cuts down each song to one minute so you’re constantly hearing new songs and it flows nicely through each song so there’s no awkward silence in between.


Drink Drank Drunk

Get a boring party started with this cool game that integrates a ton of drinking games all into one, fantastic one


DrinkOwl: Drink Specials & Liquor Store Finder

Never show up to a party empty handed again, because, with this app, no matter where you are you will be able to find all the nearest liquor stores. no more excuses.


Party Pro

Make over 20,000 different drinks with this incredible app that guides you through the steps of creating them, making it impossible to be a bad bartender


MixDeck Scratch DJ 2

Get a lame party bumping, and become the DJ without having to lug around anything besides your device. This App makes DJing super easy and everyone will be feeding you drinks just to keep you going


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