Must Have Apps for NCAA Fans

Apr 5, 2011

These Apps make following all the latest action on your favorite NCAA teams easier than it’s ever been.

Sporting News NCAA Basketball

This amazing App allows you to follow all the latest scores, videos, standings and news of all your favorite teams. I love being able to know how my team is doing and how much money I’m winning from all of my friends with Push-notifications


Sporting News NCAA Football

This App has awesome features that make following NCAA Football easier and more enjoyable. I can hear about game results and plays quicker than ever.


NCAA Highlights

With this App I’m able to view tons of videos from the previous year of all the insane plays that my favorite teams make.


Men’s Bracket 2011

I hate dealing with brackets on paper so this App makes the championship season even more awesome


NCAA Basketball – InGameNow

My favorite thing about this App is how you are able to have discussions with thousands of other fans from all around the US. Of course it’s also cool to be able to access scores and schedules, but the banter is what I really get jazzed up over


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