Must Have Apps for Museum Goers

Apr 19, 2011

Museums are filled with tons of great stuff and these Apps inspired me to start going to them. It may not be a lasting hobby for me but I’m sure glad I can at least say I dipped my toes in

Explorer: The American Museum of Natural History New York City Guide

This App gives you a virtual tour of the actual Museum of Natural History, and it also includes video clips and information on each section of the museum so that it’s almost as if you’re inside the museum reading the fact sheets that are displayed


Musée du Louvre

I’ve always wanted to go to the actual Louvre and see all of the famous paintings and sculptures such as the Mona Lisa, but it doesn’t look to promising at the moment so I settled for this App which lets you examine everything the museum has to offer apart from the in-person experience.



I’ve always been a fan of Modern Art. And even though it can get a little strange at times, the creativity and emotion put in to some pieces are captivating as heck. Someday I’ll visit MoMA but for now, I’m more than fine with having this App


Museum Locator

No matter where you may be in the United States, with this App you’ll be able to find historic sites and museums so that you can learn about where you are and what might have happened there.


Taipei Taiwan – OfflineMap with Multi Online Maps and Navigation Tools (Travel Around the World)

I’ve always been intrigued by Ancient Egyptian History and after learning more about it in my Mythology class this year I became even more curious about the preservation of ancient artifacts as well as the culture and practices of Ancient Egypt. This App you are able to digitally explore the Cairo Museum with tons of features such as satellite viewing mode.

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