Must Have Apps for Movie Buffs

Jun 9, 2011

I love a good movie as much as I hate a bad movie, these Apps will help you both find good movies, and if you’re proficient enough, erase the possibility of watching a movie you don’t think you’ll like

IMDb Movies & TV

This App will inform you of every popular aspect of any TV show or movie, including actors, plot summaries and tons of different types of info that will allow you to eliminate wasting time watching stupid movies or TV shows



Instead of having to be at a computer anytime I want to update my queue or find a good movie to pick out from the store, I now have all of those options available right from the palm of my hand, including detailed summaries of tv shows and movies as well as collective ratings



Now Netflix fans don’t have to feel weighed down by the need to be at a computer or tv in order to watch a movie or show. Even though the screen on the Itouch and Iphone doesn’t compare at all to that of an iphone, it’s still a step up from not being able to watch amazing quality movies and shows period and for that alone, I love this App. It also has the same features that help you find a good movie or show that the website has so you’re not feeling inhibited by the device


Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

This is my favorite App for deciding on a movie to watch mainly because of how many people access it and leave tremendously informative reviews that make it hard to pick a bad movie to watch

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