Must Have Apps for Internet Video Buffs

Jun 9, 2011

There are countless videos on the internet that finding awesome ones is like looking for a needle in a haystack. These apps will help you sift through the millions of terrible ones.

Internet Videos Pro

A huge problem with trying to find videos through search engines like google is that many of the sites and videos therefor are not supported and so will lag ridiculously making you believe it’s loading, and then say that it’s never going to load, wasting tons of time. With this App you will never have that problem because it only displays supported websites and videos



This App collects all the most humorous clips from Tosh.0, which is probably the greatest way to view awesome web videos, that you’ll be neck deep in hilarious videos that will have you dying laughing



This App has not only collective information on popular internet videos but also movies, tv shows, video games and much more


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