Must Have Apps for Drinkers

Mar 25, 2011

Practically everyone who can, drinks. This list contains some useful Apps for people who love to drink

iDrink4Free – Bar Tricks and Bets for Free Drinks

This App will have your friends stunned, and your stomach full of free drinks as you trick your friends while also entertaining everyone around you with tons of bets.


Drinking 101 Lite

For people who aren’t familiar with common drinking games, this App will make drinking even more entertaining and exciting.


r u drunk – free

This free app gives you a sober opinion on whether you’re straight to drive home or not. DUIs are tickets that are better left as far away from your record as possible


Bartender Challenge

This wonderful App lets you test your bartender skills with more than 40 different drinks, and has all the ingredients there, just in case you forget.


Ringr Roulette for Drunk Dialing

This App encourages drunk dialing, and now you don’t have to choose who you want to call because you want to talk to everyone. simply shake it and strike up a conversation with some random friend or colleague


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