Must Have Apps for Dieters

May 31, 2011

These Apps are the most helpful ones I’ve found and they’ll help anyone trying to lose weight more than most of these other Apps that appear to have similar results

Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

This App is incredibly helpful for anyone trying to lose some weight, you record what you ate, how much exercise you did, and you also make goals and “calorie budgets”, it’s like a personal trainer in your pocket


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, one of the most popular sites for losing weight, has now become mobile to make losing weight and finding healthy replacements for junk food as easy as possible. Now you also don’t have to scribble points down on a napkin between meals, just wip out your phone!


Calorie One – Calorie, Exercise & Weight Tracker

This is an excellent App that has a great user interface and it also makes it easy to record calories and perform workouts suitable to your personal abilities.



Instead of going to McDonalds or another fast food joint for every meal, try using that thing called a kitchen, by doing so, one becomes able to introduce a wider variety food into their diet. This App will help those out there who don’t cook, start to.


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