Must Have Apps for Budgeteers

Mar 25, 2011

These Apps will make saving money a lot easier as well as making it entertaining. Who doesn’t like to save money?

Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance

This free App lets you sync up your online Bank account to it so that you can view all of your purchases and be able to find out what you’re spending all of your money on.


Film Budget

This App helps manage purchases and pretty much every other aspect of money when one is making a film


DAY element (Calendar & Budget)

This App is incredibly helpful as it has you record all the purchases you make, and then gives you information that will help you cut back on unneeded spending and start saving money



This App makes it easy to balance your checkbook, and all right in the palm of your hand.


Budget Friend App

This is the most user-friendly App for managing your money I’ve found yet. You can also be an awesome friend and watch your friends money for them as well


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