Must-Have Apps for Bikers

Mar 4, 2011

For all my fellow cyclists out there here are some awesome Apps that will help you out and make you want to ride much more often


This App is amazing and it will drive you to push as fast as you can to see what your capable of. It’ll display where you went, how fast you travelled end even your heart rate.


Bike Route

If you’re thinking about riding somewhere you’re not so familiar with, this app will help you navigate by choosing the quickest route possible


Map My Ride – GPS Cycling and Route Tracking with Calorie Counting

This App will not only track you with GPS navigation but also will let you know how far you need to ride and how hard to keep building muscle and stamina, you can even sync up gym workouts.


Bike Shops North America

No matter where you are in the states, this App will find you the closest bike shop with added information on that particular shop.



This App records all your previous rides and challenges you to beat your current records. It also has a heart beat sensor. This App is great and the fact that it’s free and has mostly all of the features of the real one is amazing


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