Must Have Apps for Avid or Aspiring Walkers/Runners

Apr 27, 2011

Walking; we all do it to get around yet not such a large percentage of us walk or run for exercise, which is an amazing way to stay in shape.

Pedometer FREE GPS +

This App not only tells you where you went but also how many steps you took so that next you embark on a walk or a run, you can try and out do your previous amount of steps taken.


Walk Tracker Free – SprintGPS Track, Map & Share Walking & Hiking Routes

This App has tons of different work outs you can try, gps features, hiking trail maps and many more cool features that make you wonder why it’s free


iTreadmill:Pedometer Ultra w/ PocketStep™

If you want to get super technical about your workouts, this App is the pone for you. With features such as speed and calories burned, this App is the top pick of Apps in it’s class by many fitness magazines


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