Must Have Apps for Anyone Eco-Friendly

Jun 18, 2011

This world that we live on is slowly but surely becoming a giant trash can, the ocean especially. I feel it’s important to do our duty as responsible citizens and do all you can to help recycle, reuse anything that can be reasonably, reduce waste production and anything else like picking up trash. these Apps have been helping me to play my part while still enjoying myself, hopefully they’ll help you to do the same

Greenstar Eco-Enterprises

With this App you’ll be able to view a new green tip of the day everyday so that you’re always learning new ways to help the environment and in turn yourself


Eco Warrior

This super addicting game rubs off on you without you even realizing it. I’ve gone to throw away a can or some paper into the trash but had just been playing this and i recycled instead.



Gasoline is running out and the price is only getting higher so why not conserve it by letting this App give you tips and information about saving gas while it’s tapped into your GPS



I already had the application that gives you an estimated time for how long it’ll take to charge but that time is never right, so this App causes your iphone/touch to emit a sound when it’s done charging so now I don’t ware my battery down by forgetting about it and leaving it in all day/night which I do quite often


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