Music to my Ears!

Mar 20, 2011

I am a wannabe music producer and DJ. My list contains a list of apps that I have used or tried to create music, beats and play games.


Dollar for dollar this app allows me to create basic music arrangements. The editng features are very intuitive eliminating the barrier for creativity. The instruments, sampler and loops are amazing for the price. Garage Band have rekindled my appreciation for music.


Looptastic HD

This is a great app for DJs and beat-lovers. This app makesmit super easy to create unique beats and tracks than can be modified on the fly. The effects feature alone is worth the price. The ability to import and export loops is flawless. I can spend hours with this app.


iDaft 2

I have always wanted to play the samples for Daft Funk’s Stronger, Faster song. This free app gave me that ability and added another beat and song with a ton of sample words. Awesomely fun!


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