Music is My Life

Oct 21, 2011

Hi, I’m Jessica and I love using my iPhone to listen to/discover music. I decided to make this simple list because it’s really all you’d ever need.

Spotify Music

I’ve been using it since its UK debut (illegally, ha ha). The moment it finally was usable in the US, I changed my country and paid for premium. I LOVE being able to listen to whatever I want without any ads! The playlists are fun too.


TuneIn Radio Pro – Stream MLB, NHL, NFL, Audiobooks, News, Talk, Podcasts & Music

I listen to about 10 different radio stations every week. It’s nice to be able to listen to them all in one app. It’s also nice that you can record them, just like people used to do with cassette tapes back in the day.


SoundHound ∞ hands-free with “OK Hound” | Search, Discover and Play Music

I LOVE sitting in the car/a restaurant, walking around the store, and/or watching the TV and being able to pull this out, have it listen to what’s being played, and tell me what it is. The new on demand lyrics feature is an added bonus!


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