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Dec 19, 2010

Music apps for primary school students.


Use it to experiment with new riffs in places where it would be inconvenient to take your guitar.


Bebot – Robot Synth

Part robot, Part synth – Bebot is a musical synthesizer with a unique multitouch control method and a versatile sound engine.


Blue FiRe

Blue FiRe application enables audio enthusiasts, students, and reporters with a feature rich simple to use audio recording platform.



Experienced players can use Guitarist on the road to experiment with chord progressions, and record riffs or solos on a “musical notepad” for later study back in the studio with their full kit.


I Am T-Pain 2.0

Launch the I Am T-Pain app, select your favorite track, and just sing into the Mic on your iPhone. I Am T-Pain will record and Auto-Tune your voice.


iGOG: Massive Drums

iGOG is a massive multisampled drum machine unlike anything else available. iGOG sounds better than other drum machines because it uses Drumagog technology.


Melody Bell

Melody Bell brings beautiful sounds of English handbells to your iPhone/iPod Touch. It reproduces live handbell sounds through multi-sampling process in performance


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