Music for noodlers

Aug 16, 2012

Music is something I love to noodle with, so this list is of my favorite ways to noodle with music on the iPad

Animoog for iPhone

This is simply the most amazing way to play with sound. For me this is the perfect app, I can noodle with it for hours knowing that I’m making the same sounds as a great musician even though I’m just a noodler


Reactable mobile

This is just an incredibly cool way to play with music. Visually its amazing. It takes a while to get your head around, but once you do its a tremendous music toy


Bloom HD

This is a bit elementary, but I needs some Eno in my life now and again. Others have tried to copy and improve on this, but the resulting apps just don’t sound as good as the original.



Fantastic sounds and tools. This is a rich and deep app for proper musicians, but I can just select a pentatonic scale and use the XY pads and sound like Robin Lumley or Jan Hammer for a few precious moments.


DM1 – The Drum Machine

This is a beautifully designed and realised app, and rightly deserved its prize begin selected by the Apple app awards this year. The set of classic drum machine sounds is tremendous, I particularly like the Linn drum sound, it takes me back to the new Romantic years and those terrible haircuts of the 80’s


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