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Mar 31, 2010

Being both a music teacher and a tech enthusiast, I always want to incorporate as much technology as possible into my band lessons and rehearsals. Here’s a list of the apps I use on a daily basis in both middle school and high school band.


With this application I keep track of each student’s lesson attendance. It is customizable, so I can also keep track of when they forget their music, instrument, pencil, etc. I can also easily export a CSV file to use in Excel.


Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database

This application allows me to record important data about each band student. I can customize my own forms and record their name, instrument, locker number, etc. I can also add a recording of a solo performance. It’s a highly versatile app that has endless possibilities.


Stay In Tune – Chromatic tuner

I’ve tried quite a few tuners, and I really like this one the best. It’s accurate and can be rotated in any orientation. It works very well for band instruments and also has options for guitar and other string instruments.


Dr.Betotte TC

This is as close to “Dr. Beat” as you get. It’s pricey, but has so many features that are so valuable to an intermediate to advanced ensemble. The UI is intuitive and the app is just a pleasure to use. It’s almost as fun as Dr. Beat.


Musictionary Music Dictionary

This is a standard music dictionary that’s always handy to have around.



This is a great application to help students learn to read the notes on the staff. Occasionally, I’ll give my iPhone to a student to play this game and practice naming notes. You can create custom levels and keep track of students’ scores to get some competition going over who’s the best and fastest at note naming. The students love it.

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Instruments in Reach Basic

As band directors, we all forget a fingering every now and then for an instrument we’re not as familiar with. This app offers a fingering chart for every instrument. I wish it would include trill charts, but the developer has also created individual instrument applications that include trill charts.


Rhythm In Reach

This one offers some great rhythm practice for your percussionists who drive you insane. You have to tap the rhythm you see as the marker scrolls over the notes. Very accurate and also includes scoring. Again, you can give your device to a struggling student to sit and play while you continue to work with the other students in the band lesson.


Music Quotes

This app offers daily quotes related to music. I don’t use this on a daily basis, but every now and then I’ll open it up and copy the quote on the chalk board for all the students to read.


Better Ears Beginner – Music and Ear Training

This application is free and provides some great music theory training, including aural activities, that’s both fun and educational. Flip your device to landscape mode and you get a piano too!


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