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Sep 23, 2011

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your stale playlists with new talent or you need to unleash some music creativity, these apps will get you out of that sound rut!

Band Of The Day

This app is easy on the ears and eyes and makes discovering new music an enjoyable experience. Jump around different days to see who was featured. If you like an artist you can download their music directly and learn all about them without ever leaving BOD.


MadPad – Remix Your Life

Sound is all around us and who says it can’t be turned into sweet music? This is the question this app explores as you take every day noise and make new beats and sounds with it. A cool way to hear the world differently!


Discovr – discover new music, play songs, listen to mp3s, and watch Youtube videos of your favorite bands and artists

An incredible Music Discovery App. Look up an artist you like to get a spider web of recommendations based on your tastes. A much more direct way of finding music you’ll like! Wonderful app!


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