Music appreciation and education for ages 4-8

Oct 29, 2012

Here are some quality music apps my piano playing kiddos and I like.
I also have to give a shout out to the app Songza, which I LOVE. Couldn’t fit anymore on this list, capped at 10, but one of the many uses we have for Songza is as bedtime music for my kids. I can pull up a Mozart playlist or a cello playlist, and they learn something about the composer/instrument as they drift off to a sleep timer. Love Songza. Check out the rest of the list…

A Jazzy Day – Music Education Book for Kids

This is a great book, cool animation, nice intro to jazz. My kids don’t particularly like books on the ipad, even though they are great lovers of books, they always want games on the ipad. This one they do like. Highly recommend.


Mozart Interactive

Both the 4 and 6 year olds, esp my 4 year old, love the interactivity of this one. It is limited as an app, but still worth a go, as they do return to it periodically to revisit and have fun. Helps them recognize the sounds of certain instruments and pick them out in music. Plus, now my 4 year old instantly recognizes Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca, that’s worth the price of admission!


Monkey Drum

Kind of fun, kind of annoying, my 4 year old likes it, but I warn you, he does keep making the monkey hit himself in the head over and over…Sigh. Fun, though, for working with rhythm. Somewhat limited overall.



Cute little guy, fun for short bursts of time if you want to reinforce note reading. Doesn’t get a ton of use, but good to have in the music folder.


Musical Me! HD – by Duck Duck Moose

This is good for the younger set–maybe 2 or 3 through 5 is best. Cute. We’ve had it for a while now, but still like it. I do like Duck Duck Moose apps in general for preschoolers, and this is no exception. Some instrument play and can play simple songs off the staff, reinforces music reading, recognition of pitch. But not exceptional for teaching musicality, more for fun with music through interactive games in a visually nice app.

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Nice simple basic quiz app for reading notes off the staff.


Steinway Etude

This one is really too advanced for kiddos, and we haven’t added music you can purchase yet beyond the included Fur Elise. But I put it on the list because my 6 year old loves it, and often will have it play Fur Elise while she watches the music. THis is an amazing program. Check it out and mark for your own, or for kids future musical growth.


Young Music Genius : Classical Wiz

We all like this one for learning instruments of the orchestra. We like the quizzes.


Sounds Of The Orchestra

Another app we like for learning instruments in an orchestra


My First Classical Music App

This is a nice app for intro to some music appreciation–some basics on famous composers, with music samples. Recommend it–hard to find some intro to composers that aren’t overwhelming with too much detail. Nice for a younger set, I’d say 4 to 10.


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