MTV News sticks to the basics for a solid info app

Jul 17, 2016

MTV News tries to put a curious spin on the MTV brand. Sure, the network isn’t known for music, but when I think of entertainment news my first thoughts are E! and TMZ, not MTV. This app is a concerted app to change that, as it focuses almost entirely on entertainment news.

The focus of MTV News app is neatly segregated for people who don’t want their news mixing, too. While there is a breaking news tab that shows everything under the sun, users can customize their own news tab to include music news, celebrity news, MTV shows news and movie news. If you only want movie news, with a few quick taps you can make sure that’s all you see.

It’s a very tightly designed app, but the interface for reading the articles could be a bit better. The text is formatted well, so you don’t do any back-and-forth scrolling, but you’ll do an awful lot of up-down scrolling to get through a story.

However, I have a feeling that MTV does not have a clear idea what to do with a mobile app. Obviously such a big brand must have an app on iTunes and this is what I feel, it was built for the management and shareholders and not for music lovers. The app is screaming for creativity, there is so little added value as compared to browsing the news on mobile web. There is a new feature in the latest version: one can create and share screenshots from MTV news app using a tap button what can be hardly considered being a breakthrough.

If you’re looking for an MTV-styled TMZ, this might be the closest you’ll ever get. It’s well-designed for the most part and the customization of the news feeds is a great feature, but it still feels a little light at the end of the day.

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Dan Kricke

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