Movie Lovers: iPad Edition

Dec 6, 2010

whether you’re the stay at home movie type or frequent theater goer these apps will make your moving watching experience easier.

sidenote: there are numerous iPhone apps that also work on the iPad but these are iPad specific apps


watch streaming movies and tv episodes and add/remove items on your Netflix que. You can also give the gift of Netflix through he iPad app – purchase as little as a 1 month subscription for a friend or family member.


Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

check box office times, reserve your ticket, watch movie trailers, review the lates movies to DVD (even add them to your Netflix que), read critics reviews, stalk your favorite actors – Will Smith movie marathon weekend anyone?


Movie Club for iPad

free movies streamed directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Currently 50 movies and counting, new movies added regularly.



Do you buy/rent movies through iTunes? If you turn on Home Sharing on your computer that has the movies you can use the Remote app to control your iTunes shows/movies via your iPad. You can also access your entire music library the through this app. This works well if you have your computer connected to external screen.


GetGlue for iPad

GetGlue is a social network for movies, tv shows, music, and books. You check in to the movie/show you’re watching and you’ll have to option to share via Facebook/Twitter. Earn stickers and become Fan of shows you watch regularly.


Miso – Social TV

Similar to GetGlue, use Miso to check-in to what you’re watching and earn points and badges. Miso iPad app also tells you what shows are currently trending and saves your Favorites.

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