Motosport Racing!

Jan 14, 2011

I am too terrified to actually ride a dirt bike myself, but I can safely experience the thrill via these dirt bike racing games!

Mad Skills Motocross

A solid and challenging racing game. This 2-D, button operated game makes you race against the computer and makes you figure out if you should manipulate your jumps at all so you don’t have a tumble and lose precious time!


Stick Stunt Biker

This is like the doodle jump of motor bike games! The graphics are set against a grid paper background and your stick figure drives a minimalists bike. The gravity effects and simplistic controls make this a very addictive game!


Moto X Mayhem

This is the best Moto Cross game I’ve found and boy is it a challenge! You hold on to the gas a you go flying! You control your movements by tilting the screen and toggling between the gas and the brake. It take some time getting the hang of it, but once you do, you can kiss productivity goodbye!


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