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May 4, 2010

Last Fall I took myself, my motorcycle and my iPhone on an adventure through Baja, Mexico. While not all of these apps would have worked there I will again be adventuring this year in the US and will likely have all of these apps in my toolbox for the journey.

Skype for iPhone

You may wonder why you’d want skype for travel but it’s on the very top of every list for me for one reason alone. It allows you to make calls wherever you have a wifi connection. Getting a wifi connection these days is simple, even in a place like Baja and calls made through Skype are cheap, even to landlines or cell phones (I used about $5 worth of credit in the 2 weeks I was in Mexico). Further if you’re travelling rurally you may also be able to find a wifi connection where you can’t get cell coverage. Skype has you covered in that situation too.


XE Currency

If you’re travelling out of the country it might be nice to know what kind of rates you’re getting as compared to what you should be getting. I kept this handy just for an occasional check to make sure I wasn’t getting totally ripped off. Turns out I wasn’t at all, not ever and having the app handy to make sure was good for the good juju.



It may seem stupid to have this app handy on a trip but if you’re gone for any length of time you may want to pay your bill or more important change your plan should you forget to do that before you leave… not that I did that of course. Nope.



Even if you don’t order your parts from this site it may help you get a visual grip on what is broken on your bike. May you never need this thing ever (or may you at least have great people to call like I did as I limped over the border from Tijuana!)

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Hostel Hero

Maybe you’ve decided to rough it and camp everywhere. Eventually you (or the people you meet) might like it if you showered, did some laundry, and you might like to sleep in a bed. This app can help you stay in budget and includes lots of countries, not just the US. You can even book online so as long as you have wifi you shouldn’t need to make an expensive phone call.


Camp Where

Only for the US but if you’re looking for a good ride up campspot this app has you covered. It doesn’t appear to include hike in spots but likely you’re not looking for those anyway. The listing looks to be pretty complete with good information about each site. Worth having on your phone.


World Surfer

Good app for finding things around you. Only as good as what people have added it may not help you at all, depending on your location, but for free it’s worth a go.



I add this app only because I tend to take motorcycle journeys in the late fall, aka holiday time which means I’m traveling in the pouring rain and also looking for a warm place to sit, relax and change my wet socks without shame. This app will let you know what Starbucks is open and since it’s unlikely you’ll find a local place without local knowledge this is probably your best bet for a holiday rest stop.

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Free Wi-Fi

Thus far this app seems to be more accurate than the other wi-fi apps I’ve found. Not sure if it’s totally accurate but worth having for free.


SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder

Finding a bathroom in the states can be a top priority, especially if you’re not traveling on the major roads. This app is only as good as the people who enter bathrooms but in general it can be very helpful in semi rural areas.


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