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Feb 8, 2011

I love video games but I hate bad ones so I’m making this list to share with you all some of the best games on the market to date


This game incorporates the classic theme of constructing a battle crew to fight foes with a new twist which forces you to use immense strategy to keep your team alive. Needless to say this App is super addicting and I would recommend getting hooked on it asap if you like this type of game.


Family Guy Time Warped

This game ties in so many funny themes from family guy so that it becomes entertaining on many levels


Angry Birds

Angry birds is one of those games that never gets old because no matter how much time you invest in it you’ll still never be able to get the highest score possible. It’s pure genius


Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

This game is great! The story is spot on and the amount of combos you can do is limitless. The graphics are outstanding on the Itouch and the controls don’t limit the combos that one is able to perform in spiderman video games.


Skate It by EA

Being a huge fan of Skate on the 360, being able to play it mobile is amazing. 100 times better than any other skating game


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