Mosquito Day!

Jul 23, 2010

I really don’t know why mosquitos need a day. From what I can see out here in the desert they seem to have every day, eating us humans like we’re ice cream. Well pfft to them. These apps might help you celebrate Mosquito Day though I suggest slapping them in congratulations of their special day. Hard.

Anti Mosquito 3.1

Supposedly this app will keep Mosquitos away. I should step outside, turn this thing on and check, but with the bites on my legs I think I’m going to wait for a while. Test this out and let me know k?



In case swatting at the real thing just isn’t good enough for you, this game will let you swat at fake mosquitos. Just remember to hold on tight, throwing your phone at a fake mosquito makes you look crazy.


No Mosquito

Yet another mosquito be gone application. All of these emit a high frequency sound that mosquitos are said to hate. I promise, once I stop itching I’ll go test these out. Maybe.


Mosquito Sounds!

Do you hate people? Do you like to be known as that annoying person at a party? Or maybe you just want to fully embody a mosquito. Well this app is for you as it emits mosquito sounds, to bother your friends or to simply “BE” the mosquito.


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