May 6, 2010

Here are my top 5-10 synth and sequencing picks lemme see…..hmmmm


interesting and creative


ARGON Synthesizer

good sequencer, easy to use, cool sound editing capability. be careful this one also gets quite loud.



this is actually quite a useful app for playing back a song you’re working on lyrics for and typing the lyrics as the song plays it’s something you could KIND OF do by yourself but is actually just more convenient with the application.



sounds really good. ALSO really cool CHORD MODE. TRY IT!!


TORO mini synthesizer

AWESOME synth and let me just sound like the girl i am for a second– it is so CUTE!! PLUS you can change the faceplates of the synth to make it even CUTER– and chromatically spontaneous. the sounds are full and interesting. i wish this synth had recording capability what the HELLLLLllllllll why must there always be a PROBLEM?? anyway, it’s awesome.


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