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Apr 22, 2010

If you download the MobiTV iPhone app (free) expecting to have instant access to eight live channels, On Demand programming from 35 networks, plus hundreds of video clips—you’re out of luck.

Did you really think you could get all that for free? Luckily for you, all of that content is available in MobiTV—only a paid subscription is required. The cost of MobiTV runs a pricey $9.99 per month, $24.99 for three months or $44.99 for six months of access, which is available for purchase in-app.

With its free download, the MobiTV iPhone app does let users checkout one of the live channels, ABC News Now, along with some breaking news clips. Streaming MobiTV on an iPhone 3G over the 3G network was shockingly quick and clear; vastly superior to the quality I normally see in a YouTube video. Tap the video to switch to full screen.

I would have liked the opportunity to see the quality of the On Demand content, but I was at least able to see what programming is available. Although there are only eight live channels, including NBC, Disney and ESPN Mobile.TV, the On Demand section featured pretty much every show I currently TiVo (and that’s a lot). Although the range of shows is vast, before buying in to MobiTV, you may want to see how many back episodes are available of a particular series through On Demand—the past five episodes of Lost are included, but there are only two episodes of 30 Rock.

MobiTV does not currently support iPod Touch.

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