Mobile Messaging

Aug 13, 2011

The big boys are jumping into Mobile group messaging and here is a round up of the current offerings


One of the first and still the best. Allows IM, SMS, photos, checkins, conference calls and more. A bit of an underdog but an app with staying power.


Fast Society

Intended to be a spontaneous group comm app. Offers many features but I still prefer GroupMe



The latest offering from Facebook. Allows you to message friends and contacts, share photos, and location. Great for checking FB messages without opening Facebook.


Google+ – interests, communities, discovery

They have introduced Huddles. Basic group IM but one to watch since it is tied to Google+


Skype for iPhone

Extend group conversations to your mobile phone, easy IM, and video calls. Not laser focused on group communication but too large of a network to be ignored


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