Mobile Game Streaming with Microsoft Mixer Create

Sep 10, 2017

The realm of eSports and competitive gaming has gained a significant amount of traction in recent years as computers and processing power simultaneously increase.

Although traditional competitive gaming and streaming is primarily done through desktop computers, the introduction of Mixer Create by Microsoft allows players to stream their gaming activities and social broadcasts on mobile devices to viewers.

In an effort to bring the community of gamers together from viewers to streamers, Mixer Create introduces new elements to the notion of streaming by letting viewers interact with mobile players in a non-intrusive way. This is done with the introduction of a chat as well as quick messages where viewers can get in touch with the people who are playing in such a way that does not distract from the gaming interface. The most revolutionary feature of the app, however, is the ability to stream up to four players into a single screen so that those who are watching can quickly see all of the player’s activities at once without having to toggle between different screens. By being able to see either a single player or several players at once with one chat interface, the range of perspectives is unprecedented in the realm of gaming.

Introducing “Mixer”

Jenn McCoy and James Boehm from the Mixer team discuss great new updates to the next-gen streaming service, including Co-Streaming, the mobile Create app for mobile broadcasting, the addition of Channel One, a new page on the Xbox dashboard and much more!

With so many features possible with the app, a concern for many is the decrease in performance as a result of running simultaneous apps, especially if the game takes up a significant amount of RAM and processing power. However, this concern is effectively alleviated as streaming does not require a large amount of memory from the mobile device, leaving enough for high quality gameplay even in a multiplayer setting. This means that the quality and speed at which the games run at before and during the stream are nearly identical to preserve the gaming and viewing experience.

Beyond gaming, streams can be done of various activities such as vlogging or broadcasting to viewers. While this feature is not the primary function of Mixer Create, it reflects the social integration that the app hopes to integrate which is similar to existing tools in the market. For example, Facebook and Periscope both allow for broadcasts and vlogs to be done in real-time which has captured a large segment of social media users. Despite heavy competition from sites such as Twitch and YouTube, Mixer Create differentiates itself on the basis of targeting mobile gamers as opposed to desktop and console gamers, making it one of the first pioneers in the space.

As the gaming industry continues to be more lucrative for players, Mixer Create is highly applicable to those who are interested in attracting the mobile games audience niche or for viewers who are seeking mobile-based gameplay. Available for both iOS and Android, the app also comes with a complimentary channel called Mixer Channel One which is a moderated, 24/7 channel which shows the best content across the Mixer app from title releases to tips and tricks shows, giving it an advantage in the range of content that it provides.

Mixer Create
Mixer Create
Price: Free
Mixer Create
Mixer Create
Price: Free
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