Miscellany Apps for June 2011

Jun 23, 2011

Just because there is no clear category that these app fit into doesn’t mean you don’t need to download them right this second!

TextGrabber + Translator: OCR recognize, translate and save editable text from any printed material

This is the best text recognition app I’ve come across. Take a picture and let the app scan it. Once it’s done you’ll have the nearly flawless plain text ready to email or copy to your clipboard!



We could all use a reminder to commit a selfless deed once in a while and this is the app that will help get the karmic ball rolling! This app gives you suggestions on random acts of kindness and by George who are you to refuse?


iMuscle 2 – iPhone Edition

Learn about your body in the most detailed way with this app. Both educational and healthy minded this app labels all your muscles and gives examples of exercises that will help you work your brachialis. A worthwhile app!


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