Feb 28, 2011

While at Wisdom 2.0 this year I picked up a magazine called Mindful. I’m not sure how I’ll get new copies of the magazine but I have to say it’s one of the best, most user friendly magazines I’ve picked up thus far. Not only does it talk about practice, but it brings the idea of mindfulness into many different aspects of a person’s life. Great work.

To that end, the magazine got me thinking about areas I’d like to be more mindful about. Here’s the apps talked about in the magazine, or apps I think I’ll use to increase my mindfulness.


This is actually the only app talked about in the magazine. Turns out this app actually has mindfulness built right in. There are 5 minute mindfulness exercises in the app. Awesome Peanut board!


Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance

One of the articles is about mindfulness in regards to money. Lately I’ve realized that I’ve not really been tracking my cash. While I have a budget on a spreadsheet I need to track my spending to see exactly what I’m spending money on… knowledge is part of the key to being mindful about spending. This app is something I use to see where my money is going.


Weight Watchers

Mindful eating is also on my list of things to practice. While I don’t particularly like the idea of fake foods, tracking what you eat is a good start to being mindful about it and in fact at the conference one of the speakers stated he’d lost 50 pounds simply by being mindful about his food consumption. Because I like the accountability of the program this is the app I’ll use, however there are other great resources out there including Sparkpeople that work great.


Insight Timer Lite – Meditation Timer

1 minute. You can do one minute of meditation. Every day you can do this. Sure, it’s not a full practice, but why not start somewhere? Once it’s a habit maybe you can up the time. This app allows you to do a minute and works when your phone is silenced, thus insuring that you don’t get disturbed by a phone call.

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