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Jan 19, 2010

I have always been interested in keeping a healthy mind and body. I am an avid meditator and enjoy working out at the gym. These apps are ones that I use often to assist in my health goals.

Gym Buddy

I found this to be the simplest, most flexible and complete workout companion app.


pzizz energizer

I often find myself staying up to late and have always been a huge fan of the Power Nap. This app, using suggestions, music, etc, will actually coach you through a nap (the time of which is yours to choose) and wake you at the end.


Brain Wave ™ – 32 Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Programs with iTunes Music and Relaxing Ambience

I use this app as a mediation assistant. It helps relax and quiet my mind.


Run 5k – interval training coach + stretch program

I have never been a fan of aerobic excercise. This app has helped me by setting incremental goals and planning my runs so I can achieve them.


Gratitude Journal ~ the original!

When it comes down to living a healthy life, happiness and our inate ability to be happy is key. This app is a nice way to stop and be in the moment or to look back and find all the happiness in the day.


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