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Nov 5, 2017

MevoFit is a fitness app that aims to combine all the elements of fitness and weight loss into one convenient app.

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MevoFit is, at its core, an app designed to help you achieve your ideal weight. On making an account, it asks you the basic questions – height, weight, ideal weight, age etc. Then, it gives you a handy calculation of how many calories you need to be eating in a day to achieve your ideal weight limit.

If it was just that simple feature, MevoFit would be fine enough. However, it doesn’t stop there – it just keeps helping you.

However, it doesn’t stop there – it just keeps helping you.

Alongside the helpful calorie goal, it also gives you a calorie tracker that allows you to track every single calorie you ingest. You can search from individual ingredients or meals already preselected to add them to your calorie total for the day. This means that there is no possible way you can get away with snacking or sneaking extra calories in, you have to track every single item. When the app watches every bite you eat, there’s no escaping weight loss.

Any good weight loss program has two key elements to it: dieting and exercise. So, in true helpful fashion for MevoFit, it also recommends various workouts and exercises you can do daily. By incorporating these regular exercises into your regime, it is guaranteed that you will lose weight to your desired goal.

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As long as you stick to the program!

This kind of necessary tenacity is a key element of any weight loss program, and MevoFit helps this with continuous notifications to remind you of what you should be doing. Though it could be considered annoying, being able to be guilt-tripped into losing weight by your phone is also helpful to stick to what you should be doing.

To go alongside the calorie counting and regular exercise, MevoFit incorporates a footstep counter, allowing you to count the number of footsteps you take in a day. Walking regularly is incredibly important to maintain fitness, so to encourage you to walk as many steps as possible, you can spend credits you’re gifted at the start of registering, so as to sign up for walking challenges or other daily goals.

This kind of granular goalposts makes achieving your weight goal far easier, as our puny monkey brains like reaching arbitrary goal posts. It just makes us feel a lot better about doing something hard.

MevoFit manages to be an app that combines every element you need to lose weight and maintain your fitness. Losing weight is undeniably hard, but every part of this app is designed to make things a lot easier.

Losing weight is undeniably hard, but every part of this app is designed to make things a lot easier.

A lifestyle app is generally considered useful if it makes your life easier. MevoFit absolutely manages this – it makes something massively difficult far, far easier and improves your life massively.

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If you’re looking for a fitness app that does everything you could need, look no further than MevoFit.

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