Menstruation? Yeah..there’s an app for that

Mar 22, 2010

Mixing the completely carnal with the highest of tech, menstruation apps bring some method to the madness that is the monthlies. If your Aunt Flo has come to town, or if you are a man who wants to know when the best week to book that trip to Cabo is, here are some apps that help track timing and symptoms of the period.

Period Plus – period tracker, fertility diary, menstruation calendar

I’ve never put a lot of time into tracking my period. I’m always the one shrugging my shoulders when doctors ask me when my last one was. But if I was going to take the time to track it, this is the app I’d do it with. Many of the apps here have the ability to track specific symptoms but I thought this one did it most intuitively, so if you’re really into hacking your body and preempting breakouts and bloating this is a great way to do that. Although not focused on pregnancy, it easily shows your fertile and ovulating dates on a readable home screen. Almost all the apps in this vein have a security lock on them so you can keep the schedule of the red fairy on lock down from prying eyes.


iPeriod Period Tracker Free – Menstrual Calendar

This pinkalicious app centers around an iCal-like page with your ladybit particulars highlighted out in different colors, and you can flip on over to the summary page to find out just how much longer before you surf the crimson wave. One nice feature here is in the settings you can turn on a pregnancy switch that will pause your app’s activity. The paid upgrade allows email alerts (to send the hubby a fair warning to pick up Phish Food ice cream on his way home) and graphing of weight and symptoms.

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Period Tracker Lite

The floral graphics on this app remind me of how on Friends Monica used to call losing her virginity her “flower” and what a gauzy name it was for a pretty raw part of the anatomy. In fact, for this app, the tree on the home screen actually goes into bloom during your period….so at least you have something to look forward to now, right? This app looks great, but it’s a little overly cutesy, measuring your bloating in happy little cupcake increments and your flow with smiling pink raindrops. It’s like a very anime version of being on the rag. The calendar has good detail showing your fertile, ovulating and menstruating days and the upgrade comes with nice graphs and charts.


My Cycles Period and Ovulation Tracker – Fertility Calendar and Menstrual Diary for Women

This app is not as elegantly executed as the rest and takes a bit to understand. You get to choose from a buffet of your favorite period symptoms, ranging from constipation to acne, and track their occurrence on your period calendar. Although it has most of the features of the other apps in this genre, it’s a clunky piece of technology. However, it does give you the fun opportunity to upload all your bloody data to MedHelp and engage in a whole fun menstrual community. Fun.



I have to give nods to this contender off the bat for avoiding the color pink, but this is a simple, no-frills app. It doesn’t do much outside of taking your last period date and extrapolating that out to an approximate date for your next and your ovulation. But it does offer email alerts for free so you can send awesome personal reminders to yourself to leave the white short shorts for next week.

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