Memorial Day Weekend Apps

May 29, 2011

Since I didn’t have to go to school on Friday for some furlough day, I got a 4 day weekend! Which is awesome considering I barely have any school left anyways. These are some Apps I’ve been utilizing all weekend to enjoy myself even more


Pandora is the most amazing invention to a person like me who doesn’t like hearing the same music over and over. I have Pandora to thank for about 40% of my itunes library.


Urbanspoon – Restaurant & Food Reviews

The only thing I hate more than eating nasty food is going out to a restaurant I assumed was going to be nice, and eating nasty food. This App hasn’t led me to this situation yet and I doubt it ever will


WeatherBug – Free Local Weather Forecast, Radar Map & Severe Storm Alerts

I needed to prioritize my weekend; balancing work and and going to the beach. This process was easily accomplished with the 7 day forecast.



The only way to stay in contact with people you know these days is to text them or to go on Facebook and often neither works but it’s always worth a try.


Surfline – Surf Report, Surf Forecast, Surf Cam, News and Video

This weekend has been beautiful so I wanted to hit the water at least once and this app has made finding the right time to go ridiculously simple


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