Memorial Day iPhone apps to remember

Jun 2, 2010

So yeah, about Memorial Day. It already happened. BUT! These apps are multipurpose so let’s just consider this a Memorial Day/Labor Day/Veteran’s Day kind of list, mmk?

Wikipedia Mobile

For those who need reminding about why Memorial Day is celebrated, the free Wikipedia iPhone app gives a great history of Memorial Day. That way we know what we’re celebrating on our day off! (Or in this case, remembering.)


INRIX Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts

This free app will use your phone’s GPS capabilities to warn you of congestion and guide you around major accidents and traffic jams. The less time stuck in the car with screaming kids or singing parents, the better.


Simple Soiree

This all-in-one app allows you to keep track of guest lists, RSVPs, shopping lists, and to-dos. This will undoubtedly help you to remember everything on your list so you don’t end up with 3 boxes of spoons and no forks. Disaster.



Let this app handle things for you — send an e-card that is holiday appropriate! There is also an app just for Memorial Day as well.


Grill Guide

Let’s face it — Memorial Day (or any day for that matter) is a waste without a good barbecue. Throw some ribs, veggies, chicken or fruit on the grill and let this app help you make it delicious.


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