Memorial Day Apps!

May 28, 2011

There are your Memorial Day apps that teach you exactly why we celebrate this summer inducing three-day weekend, these are not those apps. These apps are for what you’ll really be doing this weekend: barbecuing and enjoying a cocktail in the backyard with friends!

Roadside America

If you’re making a road trip home or to a friend’s this weekend be sure to arm yourself with this app. This app will take you off the beaten path to sights of all kinds: beautiful, unusual, and downright crazy. Either way, you won’t miss any opportunities for mini adventures on the road!


Weber’s On the Grill™

If you’re going to bust out the grill this Memorial weekend, get this app stat. You’ll be crowned King (or Queen) of the BBQ! Featuring tons of delicious recipes, this app takes out half the work in preparing for your backyard feast!



Not the beer guzzling type and want to class up the barbecue a bit? Start mixing up fantastic drinks suggested in this app. To the point with a clear UI this app will have you shaken up side cars in no time!


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