Meet, Greet, and Valentine

Feb 10, 2011

Who knows? It might end with a kiss! Good Luck!

POF – Free Dating App

First, find someone you like on POF. Join. It’s free. Have the push notifications sent to your iphone, so you can respond quickly.



If this person seems O.K., then ask them for their # and send/text them an awesome, but cute card.


FingerMingle Valentine’s Edition

If they liked the card, suggest to meet. Once you’ve met up, if you want to get a little closer, or if you just have time to kill, invite them to play finger mingle. This is also a good way to close that awkward space gap that can occur on a date. And it’s fun!


Girls Kissing Secrets

Lastly, now that you’ve closed the “space gap” and you’ve built up your confidence to go for a kiss, maybe try some of the kissing approaches in this app! Consider yourself a well-informed kisser and let nature take it’s course! Enjoy!


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