Media Sharing (Upload apps)

Jan 6, 2011

Apps I use for sharing / uploading various types of media, including photos/images, text, and videos


I use this to upload daily photos to my photo 365 blog:



My favorite mobile blog post editor, supports cross-posting images to Flickr, supports multiple blog platforms including WordPress



I use this free app mainly for moderating blog comments on WordPress sites on the go.



Good app for sharing media to Posterous sites, if you don’t want to use email



My favorite free app for sharing geo-tagged photos to TwitPic



Uploads multiple images to a Posterous blog, on a single post as a nicely formatted gallery



Good for uploading and tagging images for Flickr


Pixelpipe – Post & Upload to the Social Web

Supports uploads of multiple images or videos to multiple websites (like Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)



Quick way to capture and then upload / share photos to different sites


Animoto Videos

Supports both the creation of short, Animoto videos with still images and upload/sharing of final videos


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