Meaningful and Useful Apps July 2010

Jul 4, 2010

These apps may help you save someone’s life, prevent you from making rash generalizations, and easily become a part of the political landscape. Enjoy!

Guess My Race

The idea of this app is to explore how people racially identify themselves. The discovery is that their racial identity may have nothing to do with how they are physically perceived. The most interesting part of this app are the explanations people give in regards to their racial identity. A MUST HAVE!


Obama 2012

My favorite feature of this app is the call congress button. Just put in your zipcode and the phone number to your representative and senator offices is within one touch. Beyond that, it seems to be the one stop app for the local and national Obama agenda. Awesome!


Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association

This is a very comprehensive, possibly life saving app! It includes First Aid for: CPR and AED, Choking and Breathing, Serious Incidents, Common Conditions, Bleeding and Wounds, and much, much more. The directions are simple and easy to follow. They also include an instructional video. Quick FACT: When you have a nosebleed, do not tilt your head back. Tilt your head forward and squeeze your nostrils just below the bony part of your nose.


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