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Published by Sam Eskenazi on Social Media

MAYU Animated Text and Effects is an app that seeks to give users the ability to jazz up their social media posts by adding in animated text and effects.

MAYU is obviously geared towards an audience of Twitter and Instagram users seeking to make their daily posts more interesting and, in this way, MAYU absolutely accomplishes its goal. It is insanely easy to add new captions to new or old photos, as well as further effects.

A simple UI greets you on opening the app, with just the one screen to select a photo or take a new one. After selecting your desired image and sizing it correctly, you get the option to add text that, hopefully, perfectly describes your glorious new image.

You can change the colour of your text, as well as adding different effects, both vibrant colours and wavy after effects.

The purpose of these little animations is to make your images more visually appealing, most likely in hope of grabbing those sweet, sweet Insta likes and shares.

Well, MAYU is here to make sure you get as big as possible on social media.

Well, MAYU is here to make sure you get as big as possible on social media.

There are other apps out there that seek to do the same thing that MAYU does – altering text and adding animations and effects to your images. However, MAYU manages to trounce the competition by making the UI and entire app experience as seamless as possible.

Everything is done on one screen, with drop-down and pull-up menus adding additional effects and choices. This means you’re not flicking between different menu options, caught in an endless cycle of clicking and frustration. Instead, you just have your picture and a variety of features to make your image as best as possible.

MAYU is adding even more, effects and animations as they go on, as well as opening up to include iMessenger soon, so it’s going to be easier than ever to send messages through iMessenger with your own captions and effects.

Honestly, with the way social media conversations are developing, it’s not impossible to imagine every single conversation had on the internet will one day be held with pictures with texts on them. Presumably, the world will eventually decay to a state of dystopian nothingness, wherein people are limited only to abstract, meme-tastic images to express their ideas.

If this hellish landscape does ever present itself, at least you’ll have MAYU there to make sure your pleas for help from resistance groups will be well heard, not to mention super adorable.

MAYU Animated Text and Effects
MAYU Animated Text and Effects