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Sep 29, 2017
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Given how expensive iPhones are coupled with the pattern of increasing prices, those who purchase the device can expect to utilize it for roughly 3-4 years before needing to purchase a newer version. As the length of usage per phone is so long, it is important to ensure that the hardware and software of the device is maintained in the best possible way. With the materials of the iPhone being so fragile made of glass in the front and back, it is very prone to damages even with the slightest drops. For this reason, this article discusses the methods and strategies that can be utilized to maximize the lifetime of any iPhone.

Phone Case

One of the easiest way to damage an iPhone beyond usage is to drop it and crack the screen. Although the phone is made of extremely strong glass on both sides, a drop from standing distance is enough to crack the screen which then results in either repairing the screen or replacing the phone altogether, both of which are expensive. To prevent this from occurring, users are highly recommended to purchase and utilize a phone case to reduce the chances of screen damage from drops and scratches. As an investment accessory, many phone cases can absorb the shock of a drop to prevent the screen from being damaged. The one that is highlighted in this article is the totallee phone case given its price point, profile, and effectiveness. As one of the most effective phone cases given its price point, it can greatly extend the lifetime of the iPhone from accidental drops and scratches that occur from placing them in pockets with other belongings. Although the totallee is just one case among the millions that are available, having case can serve to ensure that the life of the iPhone is not cut short by an accidental drop or scratch.

Screen Protector

One of the least expensive forms of protecting the iPhone screen is to apply a screen protector. Being only a few dollars, the screen protector can serve to compliment the phone case by protecting the screen instead of the back. Furthermore, transparent screen protectors do not hinder the user experience as the profile of the screen is minimal. Although the glass of the iPhone is made of Gorilla Glass that is high in strength, placing the phone into a pocket with keys and change can result in scratches that build up over time. For this reason, the screen protector is one of the best and least expensive methods of ensuring that the phone screen remains in the most pristine condition.


After prolonged usage of the iPhone, especially over several years, the battery is often one of the first aspects of the device to deteriorate. Furthermore, the battery life is often the most frustrating issue associated with owning an iPhone as it is designed to last less than 24 hours of regular usage. To ensure that the life of the battery lasts through the years, several strategies can be utilized, one of which is to not overcharge the device. This is one of the most damaging things to a battery as it can actually reduce the capacity of the battery if overcharging is done often. Furthermore, extreme changes to the temperature of the battery can also reduce its capacity, especially in heat. If the phone is exposed to sunlight or environments where it is very hot, the phone might overheat and reduce the battery life over the long term. Given how difficult and costly it can be to change the battery on an iPhone, users are strongly suggested to not overcharge their device such as overnight charging as well as maintaining the temperature which the device is exposed to. With these methods, preserving the longevity of the battery life is ensured so that the phone lasts longer.

Memory and Speed

Over a long period of usage, the memory and speed of the phone can be hindered as a result of accumulated data. A way to keep the phone running as quickly as it was when it was new is to clear the unused data. This can be done quite easily by syncing the iPhone to iTunes and then removing the data from the phone. For example, photos often take up a significant amount of space on the iPhone but is not often looked at. For this reason, this is a form of media that can be removed from the iPhone to speed it up. Furthermore, having a sufficient amount of RAM is important to ensure that there is enough memory to run applications smoothly. As data accumulates on the phone, RAM can also be hindered and therefore should be cleared regularly. This can be done through downloading an app such as Magic Phone Cleaner which clears the unused data from the phone so that more is accessible. As a simple method to increase the speed, the long-term effects of adequately maintaining available memory can greatly extend the lifetime potential of the phone.

As iPhones are expensive to purchase and difficult to upgrade given its closed end-to-end nature, it is imperative to maximize how long it will last. The methods listed in this article cover both physical and system strategies that can be implemented in order to ensure that the phone can last several years.  Although some of these methods can be simple to complete and even obvious to many, the long-lasting effects of combining these recommendations can protect the performance and physical condition of the phone.

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