Matzah Matzah Man: Top 7 Passover iPhone Apps 2011

Apr 12, 2011

Every year, Jews retell the story of the exodus from Egypt at the Passover Seder. These apps will help you pass on the Pesach story to a new generation.

Haggadah for Passover – הגדה לפסח

A summarized version of the story of Passover, the exodus from slavery to freedom, read at the seder table.


The Union Haggadah

Another flavor of Haggadah.


Pesach for the Rest of Us by Marge Piercy

A book of Passover wisdom, from author Marge Piercy, invites us to look at an important Jewish ritual in a whole new way.


OU Passover

A guide to kosher for Pesach products. On Passover, Jews eat only unleavened bread to remind them of the journey to freedom through the desert. Don’t have any treyf in your house during Passover!


Matzo Balls for Breakfast and Other Memories of Growing Up Jewish by Alan King

What’s Passover without matzo balls?


The Story of Passover: Second Edition

Learn about why we eat matzah and maror at the Seder.



Why is this night different than all other nights? If you are the youngest at the Passover table you recite the Four Questions, or Ma Nishtana, traditionally in Hebrew. Practice chanting the Four Questions with this app!


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