Mathematics – iPod Touch

Dec 19, 2010

Mathematics apps for the primary school classroom.

Basic Math

Choose from the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division) and complete multiple choice questions on them.


Brain Blaze Divide

This is ok… You go through the sets of division problems, unlocking a new set each time you correctly answer each set. Only thing is, it allows you to work with one set at a time (e.g. division by 1, division by 2 etc), rather than mix them up. Still, it’s a good starting place.



App which allows you to select from coin toss, yes/no, dice roll, card choice, rock/paper/scissors and many other options. Great for probability and statistics.


Math Quizzer

Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication & division (or a combination of these) and then complete the questions. Multi-choice answers are provided below


Mental Maths Lite

Answer different maths problems correctly to unveil an image.


Math Match Lite

Match the answers to the sums


Number Line

Excellent little app for ordering decimals, percentages and fractions. Would suit middle to upper primary.


TanZen Free – Relaxing tangram puzzles

A neat little app that allows you to complete tangram puzzles (set to very zen-like music). A well thought through application.


Units – Free Unit Converter

Excellent little app which will quickly show you any unit (area, temperature, length and weight, to name a few) in most other units, e.g. for Length it shows you Miles, Nautical Miles, Yard, Foot, Inch, Kilometre & Metre. The perfect app to illustrate why we should think about whether we need to spend time teaching our kids this stuff when it does it for us so quickly…

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Basic ruler in inches or centimeters


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