Match-three Fun!

May 3, 2012

More than just Bejeweled, there are some interesting takes on the match-3 genre these days (not that there’s anything wrong with the classic Bejeweled of course). Here are some of my favorites.

Cubis® – Addictive Puzzler! Slide, Stack, Crack!

A classic revived for iOS with cute creatures and a few new interesting dynamics. Gets pretty tricky once you get to the later levels.


Monster Flip

Great graphics and a nice soundtrack make this one special. The gameplay is enough of a twist on the simple matching formula to make it challenging and different.


Mooniz Pro – Tapping and Matching Little Moon Monsters With Friends

Colorful and fun, this one requires quick fingers and has plenty of power-ups to keep it interesting.


Monsters Ate My Condo

When I first got this, I played it for hours. It’s crazily action-packed and has the trademark humor of Adult Swim.


XenoCube SD

Fresh take on the match-three thing because it uses a 3-D cube which gets you thinking (and spinning). Imagine a Rubik’s cube meeting Bejeweled.


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