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Jun 20, 2016

At first glance, some high school students do not see the day-to-day relevance of Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry and other advanced mathematics. Being proficient in math impacts SAT and ACT scores, secondary education, career paths, and can also be applied to less obvious learning-based tasks. These six mobile apps offer tutoring, math reference, and step-by-step calculations.

Yup (formerly MathCrunch) – Live Tutor Help

Let’s begin with an app designed specifically for homework help. Yup connects struggling students with real tutors that are always available. These math whizzes’ expertise covers Algebra, Basic Calculus, Geometry, Pre-algebra, and Trigonometry. The process for submitting a math problem is rather simple. Students choose from the topic drop-down menu, type any additional notes, then use their device’s camera to take a picture of the problem. Yup will then take up to two minutes matching the problem with a tutor, who will walk students through its solution (without doing the work for them). Within what feels like seconds, the app sends a push notification that sets up a connection, which displays tutor profile photos and ratings out of 5.  Yup is extremely helpful, whether  when studying for an exam or running through practice problems.

Mathematics with PocketCAS pro ($9.99)

Developers Thomas Osthege and Daniel Alm created one of the most important and popular mathematics apps available on the iTunes App Store. Mathematics with PocketCAS pro is a Computer Algebra System app students can return to throughout their entire academic experience, from elementary through college. You will forget about your graphic calculator whether using the app for plotting, linear algebraic equations, calculating derivatives or simply solving complex equations. Mathematics with PocketCAS features built-in reference, PDF exporter for further study, and a top-notch mathematical keyboard.

Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant ($1.99)

Wolfram offers apps for a myriad of math-related topics that follow the same formula for design, content, and presentation. The iOS universal Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant app divides the components into easy-to-follow chapters. Students can learn about expanding polynomials, factoring, simplifying fractions and more. The app also presents step-by-step guides to arriving at solutions, which will be a big boost to a student’s retention of how to arrive at the right answer. Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant doesn’t employ an out-of-this-world user interface, but its design is very clean and straightforward.

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MyScript MathPad – Handwriting LaTex generator (Free)

This iOS universal application provides a great experience for writing out equations. The student can use their finger or a stylus to write or revise their equation. From there, users can export as an image for free or to documentation markup languages LaTex or MathML, which costs $4.99. Students can share the images on Twitter and Facebook or send in emails or text messages. While MyScript MathPad’s editor does not solve equations for students, it lets them jot down equations that they are struggling with and send to a peer, tutor or mathlete for assistance.

Math Ref ($1.99)

Math Ref, courtesy of Happy Maau Studios, houses nearly 1,500 formulas and mathematics examples. Applicable to math and science, topics within the app include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, and Series & Sequences. The app offers wireless print support, unmatchable search, and the ability to favorite equations. The app makes up for its basic design by providing a seemingly endless amount of information. Math Ref’s extensive calculation tools and hands-on database makes sure formulas are at the fingertips of students, teachers and professionals who use math every day.

GotIt! – Homework Help Math, Chem, Physics (Free)

Using GotIt! you can easily take a snapshot of your math, chemistry or Physics problem and get in touch with a qualified expert easily. The experts are pre screened and their aim is to teach the students how to solve the problem and not just give the right answer.

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