March is National Noodle Month

Feb 27, 2012

No really, it is. Here’s some great apps to help you celebrate.

Noodle College: Ramen Noodle Cook Book

OK, so you can’t afford food but the basic ramen is getting you down. This “cookbook” will help you turn your cheap ramen into a delicious meal that might even be slightly more healthy. Of course you’ll have to pay $2 which is… 15 ramens? But it may be worth it just for some variety.


Measure My Noodles

Ever get confused about how many noodles you need to cook? Do you get to the end of your meal only to see that you’ve cooked either far too many noodles or far too few? This app will help you with that.



Never overcook your noodles again!


Cup Noodle Timer

If you overcook your cup of noodles (impossible since the hot water stays in the cup) you should not try to feed yourself. Or you should get this app.


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