Mantra Chanters

May 3, 2011

Do you like mantras, then check out these apps!

Sacred mantra Om

The most awesome OM ever! A great practice tool!



I loooooove this app. It’s like opening a fortune cookie everyday. There is nothing like launching an app and the sentence on the screen is “Everything will be just fine.” Also, I love the sound effects. I highly recommend this very mindful app!


Namokar Mantra

A beautiful rendition of the Namokar Mantra right on your iPhone, what could be better?

For more info about the Namokar Mantra:

Namokar Mantra – Wikipedia

Ṇamōkāra mantra is the most significant mantra in Jainism. This is the first prayer recited by the Jains while meditating. The mantra is also variously referred to as the Pancha Namaskāra Mantra, Navakāra Mantra or Namaskāra Mantra.


Mantra Chanter Light

I like this app, but I think they could do a better job of explaining the mantras. Still I recommend it because it includes chants for all the major deities in Hinduism and I love listening to them. Recommend!


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